• 2002. Habilitation (HDR), Mathematics, University Blaise Pascal, France
  • 1997. PhD, Mathematics, University Blaise Pascal, France
  • 1993-1994. Military Service, « Scientifique du contingent », France

Current Position:

  • 1998–present. CNRS Researcher  (Comité National de la Recherche Scientifique), France
  • CNRS research director since 2006, Univ. Savoie Mont-Blanc, First class (DR1) from 2011 to 2021, Exceptional grade senior researcher (DRCE1) since 2021.

Laboratory affiliations:

  • 2006–..:  LAMA UMR5127 CNRS, Univ. Savoie Mont-Blanc.
  • 2002–2006: LJK (LMC) UMR5224 CNRS, Univ. Grenoble Alpes.
  • 1998–2002: LMBP UMR6620 CNRS, Univ. Clermont-Auvergne.

Institutional Responsibilities:

  • 2021–.. External member: Council of the Faculty of Sciences of Grenoble Alpes University.
  • 2021–.. Member of the executive committee of the Institute of Mathematics for Planet Earth.
  • 2021-2024 Member of the Researcher’s Assembly of Re-UNITA for advice and expertise.
  • Sept. 2016– August 2021. President of the CNRS hiring, evaluation and promotion national comittee for mathematics and interactions of mathematics (section 41). See for instance
  • 2018-2020. Head of the PDEs2 team at LAMA University Savoie Mont-Blanc.
  • 2015-2016. Nominated substitute member of the CAP CNRS.
  • 2012-2013. Head of the national “MathsInTerre” Research Think Tank:
    and Chargé de mission, CNRS-INSMI mpe2013.
  • 2010-2014. Director of LAMA UMR5127 CNRS (Laboratoire de Mathématiques), University Savoie Mont-Blanc
  • 2006-2010. Head of the PDE team and Deputy Director at LAMA University Savoie Mont-Blanc.
  • 2002-2006. Scientific consultant for CEA/DAM, Bruyères le Châtel.

Colleagues who have worked with me in the section 41 during the mandate Sept.2016–August.2021:   G. Allaire, A.–M. Aubert (who replaced me when necessary), J. Baur, I. Bellier, O. Blondel, C. Bonatti, F. Bouiller, M. Bousquet-Mélou, F. Chapoton, F. Charles (my right-hand man in the section 41 for the last year 2020-2021), B. Claudon, G. Courtois, M. de la Salle (my right-hand man in the section 41 for the period 2016-2020), J. Delon, A. Dubouloz, O. Dudas, N. Enriquez, A. Fischer, O. Frécon, V. Gayrard, O. Ivanovici, S. Krell, C. Levy-Leduc, C. Le Merdy, S. Pêché, A. Philippe, T. Rivoal, J.–M. Sac Epée, J. Szeftel, B. Toën. Thanks to them for the huge time they spend (almost for free) for the mathematical community: It is so important to have such kind of persons. Thanks also to Danuta Dufrat-Chabrière who helped all of us for administration duties.

Awards and recognition: 

  • 2021 – Shapiro visitor Penn-State for academic year 2021-2022  (fall 2022)
  • 2021 – SIAG APDE best paper prize with P.–E. Jabin (awarded at SIAM conference (PD22))
  • 2021 – MSRI Research Membership in the program « Mathematical problems in fluid dynamics » organized by T. Alazard, H. Bahouri, M. Ifrim, I. Kukavica, D. Lannes, D. Tataru.
  • 2018 – Proceeding ICM (International Congress of Mathematics) in Brazil with P.–E. Jabin.
  • 2011 – “La Recherche” prize mention mathematics (president-committee: C. Villani).
  • 2009 – “La Recherche” prize mention energy (president-committee: M. Martin-Deschamps).
  • 2008 – Pauli Fellow : Pauli Institute Vienna.
  • 2007 – « Maurice Audin » prize (president-committee: P.–L. Lions) with B. Desjardins
  • 2007 – Morningside Lecturer: Chinese academy of science

Note that « La recherche » prizes have been obtained with collaborators and friends: with B. Desjardins, E. Dormy, D. Gérard-Varet, E. Grenier in 2009 and with T. Colin, E. Grenier, B. Ribba, O. Saut and colleagues working in other disciplines in 2011.

Publications and seminars:

  • 90 articles, 14 proceedings, 1 handbook + 5 chapters in handbooks.
  • One report ANR (ARP) Think-tank MathsInTerre (200 pages) and one website: with E. Neveu.
  • 1 book Panorama et synthèse as editor and introduction.
  • More than 110 invited seminars in universities in France and foreign countries.
  • 9 webinars organized by universities during pandemic COVID 19 period  2020-..                (Oxford, Shanghai Tech, Bordeaux, Lille, IMS Colloquium Hong-Kong, 2x MSRI Berkeley, Colloquium Erlangen, LOCIE Chambéry, Cambridge, Scuola normal Sup Pisa) + 3 minicourses (Erlangen, Oxford, Hong-Kong).

National Fellowships

  • H2020project: optiwind through Horizon 2020/clean sky2                                           (call H2020-CS2-CFP06-2017-01) with Saint Gobain and LOCIE-LAMA.
  • 2016-2020 Maths and Interfaces ANR Fraise (LAMA, LOCIE Chambéry)
    Instabilities on falling films, Local PI: D. Bresch (Maths), Main PI: C. Ruyer Quil (Physicist).
  • 2008-2012 – Maths and Interfaces ANR ManiPhyc (IMB Bordeaux, LAMA, LPMCN Lyon) Soft — Glassy Fluids, Local PI: D. Bresch (Maths), Main PI: L. Bocquet (Physicist).
  • 2008-2012 – ANR MathsOcean (LAMA, IMB Bordeaux, LAMA, P7 Paris, IRMAR Rennes): — Oceanography and free surface, Local PI: D. Bresch (Maths), Main PI: D. Lannes (Maths).
  • 2004-2007 – ACI “Aspects mathématiques sur paramétrisations en océanographie” (LMC Grenoble).  Main PI: D. Bresch (Maths).
  • 2002-2008 – PI for 3 European Partenariat Hubert Curien (2 years each – called PAI at that time) French-Spanish, French-Italy, French-Portugal
2 local fellowships as a PI: One Rhône-Alpes region project (04-07) and one BQR from the university Savoie Mont Blanc (06-08).

Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows:

(Co)-Supervisor of 11 PhD students, 5 Postdocs coming from Master in Mathematics

Reviewer of more than 50 PhD thesis and 09 HDR

Participation to 20 PhD thesis committees and 07 HDR without report.

 Member of the committee for the fourth edition 2019 and the sixt edition 2021 of the national Phd Thesis prize of the Blaise Pascal Laboratory of Mathematics. Member for Senior IUF selection in 2022.

Teaching Activities (some examples):

Post-master courses: In France: Grenoble (several times), Clermont-Fd, CEMRACS 2015. In Foreign countries: Sevilla, Lisboa, Ouagadougou, Saint Louis du Sénégal, Madrid, Necas center Prague, Hong-Kong (several times), Oxford (several times), Beyrouth (several times), Beijing.

Master courses: In France: Nantes, ENS Cachan, Grenoble (several times).

Co-organisation of Scientific Meetings: More than 30 events for instance

  • 2017-2021. Multidisciplinary working group MathsinFluids at UMPA ENS Lyon.
  • 2018. Mini-symposium on Maths & Fluid mechanic, French-Roumanian conference Bordeaux.
  • 2016 Conference on “Mixing and mixtures in geophysical flows”, Maryland
  • 2012 Session on “Complexity in fluid mechanics”, Pauli Institute Vienna
  • 2012 Session on “Etats de la Recherche” on compressible flows in Chambéry
  • 2011 French-Chinese workshop in Shanghai on PDEs
  • 2010 Summer-School NSFC-CNRS Research Institute – Beijing
    “Effect of Reynolds tensors in Fluid Mechanics”
  • 2009 CEMRACS 2009 with the INRIA Numed team on biomedicine, Marseille.
Local scientific organizations:
At the local level, I initiated in 2003 with S. Descombes, E. Grenier, E. Lombardi and T. Gallay the EDP Rhône-Alpes meeting which are now regional (including Auvergne) and known as the JERAA meeting managed by other colleagues and organized each year. I organized from 2003 to 2006 an LJK-Institut Fourier working group with E. Lombardi and T. Gallay, I co-organized with S. Benzoni, P. Mironescu and C. Villani a GdT on compressible fluids from 2007 to 2009 at ENS Lyon. Since 2017, we organize with C. Lacave, L. Saint-Raymond and A. Venaille (Physicist) the interdisciplinary mathsinfluid working group related to geophysics at ENS Lyon.

Reviewing Activities

I am deeply involved in French, international expertise of projects, researchers careers and laboratories (A little bit more than 60 all over my carreer). For simplicity, I mention the dates with only the two last numbers XX to be read 20XX.

  1. Projects evaluation: French region projects (00,02,15), ANR projects (05,08,11,13, 21), INRIA projects (07,12), ERC projects (08,10,12,15), AMSUD project (09), University project (08), Austrian Science Fund (10,12, 22), National Research Foundation (NRF-South Africa) (10), CNRS Pics Projects (10,11), Czech Science Foundation (11), Croatia Science Foundation (11, 14), ANRT CIFRE Grants (12,13), Polish Academy of Sciences (14), Sorbonne-Paris-ISPC project (15), University of Strastbourg IDEX project (16), Pilot program or research evaluation at Charles University Prague (16, 19), National Science Center Poland (18), Capes-Coefcub (19), Ecos Sud Chili (18), Momentum CNRS (18), RGC Research Fellow Scheme Hong-Kong (20, 21), PRACE Fast track COVID-19 Call Europe (20), DFG Grant Proposal (20, 21), Banff International Research Station proposals (21).
  2. Laboratory or researcher evaluations: Laboratory AERES & HCERES national evaluations (LMR – Reims 09, 17 et 19  ;  LAMA Créteil – Marne La Vallée 13 ;  LJLL Paris6 18 ; MAP5 Paris-Descartes 18 ; CMLS Polytechnique 18 ; IHES 19 ; LJL Nantes 21), Laboratory evaluation asked by the university (LMR Reims 21), PEDR-PES reward committees (University: 07-09,CNRS: 16-18), AMSS promotion (20, 21), member of hiring committees for teacher-researcher positions in France (Clermont Fd, Lyon, Corte, Chambéry x 2, Montpellier, Paris Descartes, INSA Toulouse, LJLL Paris 6,  Orsay) and for research engineer positions (Chambéry 07, Chambéry 21), External expert in PDEs in the CNRS CID51 (managed by Franck Picard – DR CNRS –  ENS Lyon and his right-hand woman Myriam Ferro – Chercheuse CEA – FR ProFI) for junior researcher (CRCN) positions (21).

PhD and HDR commitees

PhD with reports: M.A. Rodriguez-Bellido (Séville), F. Charve (CMAP), S. Kane (Neuchâtel), A. Rousseau (LMO), T. Alazard (IMB), J.M. Rovarch (ENS Cachan), B. Giudicelli (Corte), M. Perbeynes (Corte), F. Chazel (IMB), B. Haspot (Paris 12), H. Okou (côte d’ivoire), V. Girinon (IMT), D. Dutykh (ENS Cachan), L. Vignon (IMB), Z. Salloum (Paris 12), N. Sang (LMO), S. Benito (IMB), L. Navoret (IMT), F. Javier Suarez-Grau (Séville), V. Duchêne (IMB), A. Klak (IRMAR), M. Boutounet (IMT), V. Huber (IMB), A. Fettah (LAPT), D. Jesslé (Toulon), R. Thai (Paris Diderot), O. Coulaud (Paris Diderot), M. Cathala (IMAG), C. Lusso (Paris Est), T. Auphan (LAPT), M. Paddick (IRMAR), M.H. Taha (Abidjan), K. Th. Kouakou (Abidjan), C. Obrecht (LMO), M.A. Bey (Paris 13), B. Mésognon (DMA), D. Maltese (Toulon), A. Preux (LMO), M. Legrand (Orléans), A. Ichim (Clermont-Fd), C. Mietka (ICJ), S. Scrobogna (IMB), X.Duan (CMAP), M. Caggio (Prague), D. Wu (Paris 7), H.N. El Dine (Ecole centrale de Nantes), C. Renault (IRMAR), B. Pinier (IRMAR), L.E. Hientzsch (Gran Sasso Science Institute), J. Rax (LJLL), Forthcoming: G. Cianfarani Carnevale (L’ Aquila) , N. David (LJLL).

PhD without reports: M. Hillairet (ENS Lyon), S. Martin (INSA Lyon), P. Vigneaux (IMB), L.M. Rodrigues (IF), C. Lacave (ICJ), S. Israwi (IMB), M. Bonnivard (LAMA), S. Enault (ENS Lyon), R. Denis (LJK), C. Prange (Paris Diderot), D. Benoît (Paris Est), G. Perrot (LCT Bordeaux), F. De Anna (IMB), R. Hug (LJK), A. Marly (ENS Lyon), P. Cordesse (CMAP), S. Mukhopadhyay (LOCIE), S.Théry (LJK), T. Crin-Barat (Créteil), Forthcoming: Q. Chauleur (IRMAR).

HDR with reports:  B. Di Martino (Corte), S. Gerbi (LAMA), I. Ciuperca (ICJ), M. Paicu (LMO), Y. Coudière (LJL), C. Grandmont (LJLL), V. Busuioc (ICJ), F. Marche (IMAG), A. Rousseau (IMAG).

HDR without reports: J. Koko (ISIMA), L. Chupin (INSA Lyon), S. Guerrero (LJLL), D. Dutykh (LAMA), S. Martin (LMO), A.–L. Dalibard (LJLL), M. Ersoy (Toulon), A. Lefebvre-Lepot (CMAP).


  • Cycle de 3 conférences (2008) grand public de l’Universié de Savoie « Amphi pour tous » : D. Bresch, P. Vigneaux : ”Gouttes, bulles et surface : des mathématiques pour çà ?”.
  • Membre du comité scientifique du colloque pluridisciplinaire organisé par A. Bogdanovic-Guillon, A. Barito, J. Olivier : « L”illusion: illusion, perception, représentation du monde », Grenoble 2010.
  •  Rédaction de 3 brèves pour l’action ”une brève, un jour” dans le cadre MPT2013.
  • Co-éditeur en 2013 de Brèves de Maths (Mathématiques de la Planète Terre).
  •  Conférence ”Mathématiques sur un tapis roulant” dans cadre de la semaine des Mathématiques (Février 2013).
  • Membre du comité scientifique pour les entretiens Jacques Cartier 2013: « Mathématiques et Changements Climatiques ».
  • Cycle de 3 conférences (2014-2015) grand public de l’Université de Savoie ”Amphi pour tous” : D. Bresch, C. Perrin : ”Transhumances, embouteillages, mathématiques du mouvement collectif”.
  • Rédaction d’un billet ”Les maths pour le climat” (octobre 2015) dans le cadre du blog CNRS : En route vers la cop21.
  • Exposé dans cadre Séminaire « Des mathématiques » (ENS Paris) sur « Transition vitreuse et couches limites » en 2016.
  • Rédaction d’un article ”Des mathématiques pour le climat” pour la brochure CIJM 2016.
  • Exposé dans cadre CMI Université Savoie Mont-Blanc (2018): ”Phénomènes de congestion sous la loupe mathématique”.
  • Exposé dans le cadre CMI Univ. Savoie Mont Blanc (2021): « Glissements de terrain et tsunamis: des enjeux mathématiques importants ».

Invitations abroad

More than 50 invitations in Foreign countries such as Spain, USA, China, Portugal, Taiwan, Sénégal, Lebanon, Germany, Croatia, Austria, Poland, United Kingdom, Hong-Kong between one and three weeks each.

Memberships of Scientific Societies

SMAI (Société de Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles), SMF (Société Mathématique de France), EMS (European Mathematical Society).

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